We have recently introduced Twitter Ads integration in Budgeting. Using which you can monitor the advertising spend on various campaigns of Twitter Ads in ReportGarden.

How to monitor the Twitter Ads spend?

  • Click on ‘Budgeting’ in the left side navigation.

  • Click on ‘New Budget’ present at the right corner of the page.

  • In clients column, choose a client having the Twitter Ads account.

  • In Accounts column, you’ll see respective Twitter Ads accounts associated to the chosen client.

  • Choose Campaign(s). Here, you’ll see both enabled, paused campaigns.

  • Click on "Submit."

Try out these steps by creating a Budget with Twitter Ads.

Same as any other integration, you can see all the budgets created using Twitter Ads in the "Budgets Index Page" and "Clients Dashboard." Below is how you can do it.

You can see all the budgets created with Twitter Ads integration in the Clients Dashboard" and "Budgets Index Page." 

Watch Tutorial

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