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Using Zapier to send Invoices from ReportGarden to QuickBooks
Using Zapier to send Invoices from ReportGarden to QuickBooks
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We have integrated Zapier into the Invoicing module. Using which you can send all the invoices created in ReportGarden to QuickBooks effortlessly!

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a tool which is used to connect applications to save time.

Why Zapier in ReportGarden?

  • As we heard from you that you are using Quickbooks and other financial softwares to get the financial things done.

  • To send the invoices on advertising spend to Quickbooks.

  • So, we've integrated Zapier to connect ReportGarden with Quickbooks (other financial softwares like zoho etc. are in pipeline.)

How to send an Invoice in ReportGarden to Zapier?

  • Go to Invoicing module.

  • Create an invoice.

  • Click on Send Zapier at the end of an invoice.

  • You’ll see a pop-up to enter the email id of the of the client (Agency’s customer.)


  • A user should have his/her own Zapier account in order to connect ReportGarden with Quickbooks.

  • The user cannot edit an Invoice after sending it to the Zapier.

  • To send an Invoice to Zapier, the email id of the client should match with the email id given in Quickbooks. Otherwise, the action will fail.

  • In case, If the user enters an email id which neither exists in ReportGarden nor Quickbooks, we will not display any error message in ReportGarden. But, in backend the action would fail and couldn’t send the invoice to Zapier.

How to create an account in Zapier?

  • Sign up with Zapier.

  • You’ll see a page where you can create a Zap.

  • Click “Create this Zap” button. You’ll see the steps to do in left side navigation.

  • You’ll see a trigger modal. Click “Save and continue.” Enabling this trigger creates an invoice in Zapier when an invoice has created in ReportGarden.

  • Click “Connect an Account.” You’ll see the authentication page.

  • Enter your email id and password to access your ReportGarden invoices account in Zapier.

  • Click “Test” button, if the action is successful, click “Save and Continue” button.

  • If you’d like to link another ReportGarden account, click “Connect an Account” again.

  • You’ll see the most recent invoice in ReportGarden, which you’ve sent to zapier will appear here.

  • Click “View your Invoice” to see your invoice.

  • Click “Continue.” You’ll see the modal below.

  • You have to choose an app i.e. Quickbooks to proceed.

  • Click “Connect an Account” and authenticate your Quickbooks account.

  • You’ll see the action steps whether you want to create an Invoice, customer or a receipt. 

  • Choose “Customer” to create a customer. You’ll see a modal to enter all the details like email id, phone number, shipping address of your customer.

  • Fill all the details and click “Continue.”

  • If you’d like to test Quickbooks, you can send a test email. Else, skip.

  • Choose an appropriate option, click “Save and Continue.” 

  • If the action is successful, you’ll see a confirmation message that you have sent the test customer to Quickbooks online. Else, you’ll see an error message.

  • Click “Continue.”

You’ve done creating a customer. Now, you have to create an invoice.

  • To create an invoice, choose “Quickbooks online” app.

  • Click “Create an Invoice.”

  • Click “Continue.”

  • Choose a Quickbooks account.

  • Click “Continue.” You’ll see a form waiting your inputs.

  • In Customer drop-down, choose the customer which you have created earlier.

  • Enter all the details. Click “Continue.”

  • Again “Send test.” Else skip.

  • You can add a step, else, click “Finish.” 

  • Your zap is ready, switch the toggle ON.

  • Switching the toggle ‘ON’ ensures that whenever an invoice is created in ReportGarden, instantly it triggers in Zapier.

  • Now, go to ReportGarden app.

  • Create an Invoice.

  • Click ‘Send Zapier’ button at the end of an invoice.

  • You’ll see a modal, click ‘Proceed.’

  • A pop-up appears, enter the email id of your client (client of an agency.)

  • Click ‘Confirm.’

  • Click ‘OK.’

  • Now, go to ReportGarden app and start sending your invoices to Zapier.

  • You can see all the tasks in the Task history.

  • In Tasks page, filter it with zap name and status of an action.

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