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Import Contacts from CSV
Import Contacts from CSV
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You are reading this article means you have more number of contacts to upload! Do not worry. We'll help you with this:)

  1. Goto CRM and click on Contacts.

  2. Click on Import Contacts button.

  3. If you'd like to upload in CSV, click CSV. Else, Gmail.

  4. If you choose CSV, follow the below procedure.

  5. Please use the format provided here to upload in CSV. 

  6. We follow a format to upload CSV files. So, download the CSV and enter all your contacts in a sheet. Rearranging or removing any columns in the sheet leads to an error while uploading the CSV file.

  7. Click on Upload.

  8. Choose the CSV file. If you face any error read limitations below.

  9. Click on Import. This may take some time. Sit back and relax.


This feature doesn't work in Windows Operating System. 

Please contact our support executive at support@reportgarden for assistance.

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