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Understanding your Budgets Dashboard
Understanding your Budgets Dashboard
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Your Budgets Dashboard is a great way to get an overview of all the client's budgets you’re tracking and how much you are spending on each campaign at a glance.

Change the type of view

  • When viewing your dashboard, the small icon in the upper left corner of the page is used to change the view of your budgets to table format. 

  • If you click on ‘Tabular View,’ you’ll be able to see the Budgets in rows and columns of a table.


All Status

You can filter your client's budgets according to the status of budget i.e. whether active, paused manually, completed etc. For example, click "active" to see all the active budgets.

Account Manager

You can filter your budgets with the name of the Account Manager. Choosing an ‘Account Manager’ displays all the budgets of your clients. Type the name of an Account Manager to filter easily.

All Clients

Choosing a client in ‘All Clients’ drop-down displays all the budgets created for a client in ‘Budgets Dashboard.’

All Integrations

You can filter the budgets with respect to an account. For example, clicking on ‘AdWords’ displays all the budgets created with AdWords account either alone or in a combination with any other account.


By default, we display the budgets of all the integrations in ‘All Integrations’ drop-down. If you don't have any Budgets created with a selected integration, we display NOT FOUND message.

Sort Budgets

You can sort your Budgets by clicking on the ‘Sort by’ symbol present in the right corner of the Budgets Dashboard.

Latest first

  • Show the Budgets in the order of newest to oldest.

Amount (high to low)

  • Sort Budgets from the high budget amount to a low budget amount.

Start date (recent first)

  • The Budget with recent start date will be in the first row and so on.

End Date (recent first)

  • The Budget with recent end date will be displayed in the first row and so on.

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