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Difference between Reports and Dashboards in ReportGarden
Difference between Reports and Dashboards in ReportGarden
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1. Reports are static; Dashboards are dynamic.

When you generate a report, it will take whatsoever date ranges you require and show that data as a snapshot in time. This is like the PDF reports, where you can trust that these reports' data will remain the same no matter when you look at it.

Dashboards are dynamic. Just you need to apply the date ranges to retrieve the data anytime.

2. Reports are sharable; Dashboards are not sharable.

Reports can be published to an HTML document that can be emailed, printed, or saved as a file itself.

Dashboards are just for you and are available only in your ReportGarden account. You cannot share these Dashboards outside of ReportGarden. But, you can download in PDF or in Excel format. 

However, you can make Dashboards visible to your client. Add the contact details of your client and that's it! We'll send an invitation to your client on behalf of you.

3. Only Widgets present in a report; Both widgets and layouts present in a dashboard.

Reports doesn't have Layouts.

However, in the edit section of a dashboard, you can have both layout and widget options.

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