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How to Schedule a Report

Sending Automatic Reports to your clients

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ReportGarden helps you generate reports automatically. To get started, you will need a template of the report that needs to be generated automatically. The system provides with a few sample templates for you to choose from.

The form below will help you setup your scheduled reports. You can find this form by clicking on "Schedule" under the Reporting section in the left panel and then clicking on "Schedule New Report" button on the top right corner.

Below are the details on the form fields which need to be filled :

1. Name - Please enter the name with which your report needs to be sent to your client.

2. Contains Date Range - Turn on this toggle if you want the date range for which you are reporting on, to be appended at the end of your report name.

3. Frequency - Select the frequency for your scheduled report to determine how often your reports are sent out to your clients.

4. Report Range - Select the date range for which data needs to be included in your report.

5. Delay - The delay fields help you manage when the report is generated. For example, if you want your report to be generated on the 2nd day of the month at 10am. Please set the delay to 1 day and 10 hours.

6. Ends at - This indicates until when the scheduled reports have to be sent

7. Report Format - You can choose the format in which you want your client reports to be sent, from the options available in the dropdown (PDF or Excel)

8. Template - Using this field you can select the template that you want to use to create the report. To understand how to use templates to replicate reports, please read this

9. Account - Depending on the template you choose the form will request you to select the account(s)( Google Ads / Analytics, etc) it needs to generate the report.

10. Client Portal - If you want your reports to be displayed on the client portal, select the client from the available list of clients. Read more about client portal from here

Once you have entered all the details related to the report schedule, you need to fill out the details regarding the Email Message

1. To Address - Please use this field to enter the email addresses you want to send the generated email to. You can add multiple email addresses in this field by separating them using " , ". For example, ([email protected], [email protected])

2. BCC Address - In this field you can enter the email addresses that you want to be bcc'd when the report is sent

3. Send From - Select the email address from which you would like to send your client reports

4. Subject - The subject field allows you enter the subject of the email that is sent when the report is generated and emailed

5. Message - The message field helps you enter the email message

After you fill the above details, click on "Schedule" button to schedule your reports

Please reach out to us if you have any questions at [email protected]

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