ReportGarden helps you generate reports automatically at the beginning of every month. To get started, you will need a template of the report that you want generated automatically. The system provides with a few sample templates and that you can use.

The form below will help you setup your scheduled reports. You can find this form by clicking on "Scheduled Reports" in the left side bar and then clicking on "Schedule New Report" button in the top right corner.

Please follow the instructions below for each of the form input to setup your monthly reports

1. Name: Please enter a name indicating the client who you are preparing the report for. This name will be used as the file name for the pdf that is emailed to your client

2. Running every: In order to generate your report every month, please set the 'running every' value to "Month".

3. Delay: The delay fields help you manage when the report is generated. For example, if you want your report to be generated on the 2nd day of the month at 10am. Please set the delay to 1 day and 10 hours.

4. Template: Using this field you can select the template that you want to use to create the report. To understand how to use templates to replicate reports, please read this

5. Account: Depending on the template you choose the form will request you to select the account(s)(adwords/analytics etc) it needs to generate the report.

6. To Address: Please use this field to enter the email addresses you want to send the generated email to. You can add multiple email addresses in this field by separating them using " , ". For example, ([email protected], [email protected])

7. BCC Address: In this field you can enter the email addresses that you want to be bcc'd when the report is sent

8. Subject: The subject field allows you enter the subject of the email that is sent when the report is generated and emailed

9. Message: The message field helps you enter the email message

After you fill the above details, please press the "Submit" button below the form. This will schedule your monthly report.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions at [email protected]

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