How to create a Report

Generating a report is fairly simple with ReportGarden. To create a report, you should first link your account (here's how) with ReportGarden. After linking your account, read this step-by-step procedure to create a new report. All you have to do is to select an account and a template, that's it, you are done. 

How to Create a Report:

Step 1: 

After linking your account, the first thing you need to do is create a report. To do that, first login to your ReportGarden account. Click on 'Reports' tab on left sidebar. In the Reports page, you can create a report in two different ways. 


First one, You have to hover over the purple colored '+' button at the center top of the screen and choose 'New Report' option. 


(OR) you can simply click on the 'New Report' button on the right top corner as shown in the image above.


Step 2: 

Clicking on either buttons will take you to this 'New Report' page. Give your report a 'Name'. The template and account will be auto-populated (basing on the type of account you linked).


Step 3: 

Let's just say that you have linked a facebook ads account with ReportGarden. Then you will be able to select only facebook ads template from the 'Template' dropdown. If you try to choose Adwords template, then you will asked to link your Adwords account. As shown below:


Step 4: 

So, after naming your report, choose the template. Select the 'Facebook ads Template' from the dropdown (If you have linked Adwords account, you can select Adwords template). 


Step 5: 

For 'Facebook ads account' column, select the account (client) for which you want the report to be generated. You will get a drop-down of all the facebook ads accounts you have linked with us. 


Step 6: 

After selecting the Facebook Ads Account, choose the Time period and the comparision time period for your report and click 'Submit'. Now, you will be redirected to the Report page you have created. The reports looks similar to this:


Step 7:

You have now successfully created your first report with ReportGarden.

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