How to Schedule a Report

The crucial part of Report Automation is Scheduling a report. Here, we will walk you through each step involved in scheduling a report.

Step 1:

Login to your ReportGarden account. Click on "Scheduled Reports" tab on the left sidebar. You will see the below screen:


Step 2:

Click on the 'Schedule New Report' button, on the right top corner. You will be navigated to this page:


 Step 3:

Give your scheduled report a 'Name' (this will only be visible to you). The main part of scheduling a report is selecting 'Running every' part. You can schedule this report only monthly, weekly, daily and custom day basis. We will discuss this in detail.


i) Monthly:

If you want your scheduled report to be delivered on monthly basis, you will have to select 'Month' option. By default, the report will be delivered on 1st of every month. You can change it by modifying the delay option. If you set the delay time as '5 days and 12 hrs', then the reports would be delivered on 6th of every month at 12PM (the timezone is same as the timezone of your MCC account). 


 ii) Weekly

Selecting this option would deliver the scheduled reports every Monday on weekly basis. If you set the delay time as 2 days, then the report will get delivered on Wednesday of every week.


iii) Daily

 If you select this option, the reports will be sent daily starting from the next day. Let's just say, if you schedule the reports today with daily option and delay zero, then the report will be sent tomorrow. And with delay as 1 day, the reports will be sent from day after tomorrow.


iv) X day

You have an extra option of customizing the frequency of reports to be delivered. With this option, you can set the frequency of any no. of days. Like in the below image, if you set the frequency as 11 days, then the reports will sent for every 11 days. You can even set the start time of the reports to be sent. And you will be able to see the exact day on which the next report will be sent.


Step 4:

After choosing the 'Running every and delay' options, you need to select the report template you need to send. As you can see, you will have all the default templates and the customized templates done by you.


Step 5:

After selecting the report template, now you need to choose the account (client). 


Step 6:

Your report is ready. Now you have to compose the email you want to send along with the attachment of the report (.pdf). Like 'To', 'BCC', 'Subject' and 'Message body' columns. To add multiple CCs and BCCs, you need to separate email ids by comas (,). When you are done with composing the email, click 'Schedule'. 


That's it, you have now successfully automated the whole reporting process for a client.

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