How to Link your account with ReportGarden

After signing up with ReportGarden, you need to link your Adwords/ Bing ads/ FB ads/ GA/ GSC/ MailChimp accounts in order to complement our power packed features. Here, we will show you a detailed step-by-step procedure to link your accounts.

How to Link your accounts:

Step 1: 

Login to your ReportGarden account, if you haven't linked any account before, your welcome page will look like this:


Step 2: 

See that big "+" sign? You have to click on it to link any account. After clicking on it, you will get this popup:


Step 3: 

Now, you need to click on the type of account you want to generate reports for. Lets just say that you clicked on Adwords, you will be redirected to your 'MCC account login' page, where you will need to enter your login credentials. 


Step 4: 

After logging in, you will be redirected back to ReportGarden App, and will be shown this confirmation message "Successfully linked your account. Now Lets try creating a report":


Step 5: 

That's it, you are done. You have successfully linked your account with ReportGarden. Now, you will be able to start generating reports and automate them.

If you have already linked an account, and want to link another one:

1) Login to your ReportGarden account, and go to Accounts tab on the left sidebar.

2) In the accounts tab, you will see 'Link Account' button on your right top corner. You need to click on the button to get this popup:

3) Here, you can choose the account that you want to link and follow the exact procedure as explained before.


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