Invite client to view their dashboard

With ReportGarden you can provide access to dashboards and reports to your clients. This can help them get access to all their data(adwords, analytics, fb ads etc) in one single place.

Please follow the instructions below to invite a new contact

  1. You will first need to navigate to the client page using the clients section. 
  2. Here you will see the tabs for each client like "Health", "Accounts", "Contacts" etc
  3. Please navigate to the "Contacts" page 
  4. In this tab you will see the button to add a new contact. Please click on this button to reveal the new contact form
  5. Please fill this new contact form and submit it
  6. You will then see the newly created contact in the contacts list. You will also find an "Invite" button against the contact
  7. Click on the "Invite" button to send an invite to your contact

They will receive an email that will guide them through the process of creating their password. Your contact will now be able to view their reports and dashboards.

If you have any questions regarding setting up access to your contacts, please contact us at

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