Combine data from Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads etc

ReportGarden can help you combine the data multiple sources into a single table. Please follow the instructions below to get started.


Step 1: Drag and drop a table widget into a report

Please try dragging and dropping a table widget into a report. This will open up the widget editor from the right hand side as shown below.

Step 2: Change the data source to multiple

Once the widget editor slides in from the right hand side. You will see a dropdown to select the data source on the top as shown in the screenshot below. Please use that dropdown to set the data source to "Multiple Accounts".

Step 3: Select the accounts you want to combine

Once you set the data source correctly the editor will change to allow selecting multiple accounts as shown in the screenshot below. 

Using the dropdown, please select the accounts to include in the table.


Note: Although you can have multiple adwords accounts in the table. When you convert that report into a template, this information won't be carried into the template.


If you have any questions or feedback related to combining the data, please contact us at


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