Easily replicate reports for other clients

The best way to duplicate a report for another client is by creating a "Report Template". Please follow the steps below to create a template from your report.


Step 1: Navigate to templates page

Click on the "Templates" link in the sidebar as shown in the screenshot below


Step 2: Click on the "New Report Template" button

Click on the "New Report Template" button in the top right corner as shown in the screenshot below

Step 3: Fill the "New Report Template" form

Select the report you want to duplicate from the report selection dropdown. Assign a name to your template and click on "Export". You find a sample form in the screenshot below

Once you create your template, you can use it in the new report page to create reports that are exact duplicate of the report that you started with. You can use this template to create new report for different clients and date ranges.


If you have any questions regarding template, please drop us an email at support@reportgarden.com

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