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Release Notes - January 2024
Release Notes - January 2024
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The Reportgarden team is thrilled to present the latest features. Explore the exciting updates detailed below.

  1. Piwik Integration Account Linking:

    For our users leveraging Piwik integration, we're excited to announce the release of account linking. Enhance your analytics capabilities effortlessly. Contact us to get it enabled for you. You can find more information in this article.

  2. Amazon Ads Budgeting Support:

    Introducing budgeting support for Amazon Ads, empowering you to manage your advertising expenses more effectively within our platform.

  3. Google Ads V14 Upgrade:

    We've upgraded Google Ads to V14, incorporating the latest metrics supported in it.

  4. Shopify Version Upgrade:

    Our platform now supports the latest version of Shopify ensuring top-notch performance

  5. Enhanced Facebook Ad Previews:

    The Ad Preview widget now includes published post dimensions, providing you with a comprehensive view of your Facebook Ads.

  6. Automated 'Positive/Negative Metric' Generation:

    Our latest update automates the generation of 'Positive/Negative Metric,' streamlining your analytics process and providing quick insights into the performance of your campaigns.

  7. Support for GA4 Custom Dimensions in Filters:

    Enjoy greater flexibility in data analysis with the added support for custom dimensions in filters.

Coming soon

  1. CSV export option for widget data - contact us to get it enabled in beta

We hope you enjoy these new updates. If you have any feedback or want to see an important metric or feature, let us know about it on our live chat or drop an email to us at [email protected]

Happy Reporting!

Team ReportGarden

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