Schedule the reports on different date ranges in the past and choose the email recipients for reports, that's it! Report Garden will do your job by sending recurring reports to your clients automatically!

How do I schedule my report?

Step 1: Create

  • Click on Impress icon in the left navigation (green color)

  • Select Scheduler

  • Click on [+] icon in the center of the screen 

  • Select the report you want to schedule

  • Enter Title of the schedule report

  • Choose the report format either PDF or PPT (the format in which your client sees the report)

Step 2: Configure

  • Set Reporting Frequency (Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly...)

  • Set a day you want to send the report (1st, 2nd, 3rd...)

  • Set required Data Range (Ex: 90 Days, 30 Days, 7 Days...). 

"Report will be sent on 1st of every month with the data of 90 days based on the day the report is sent" which means, you are sending a report with past 90 days data on 1st of every month. 

  • Set when to stop sending reports on ________(Specific Date)

Step 3: Send

  • Send To - Choose the client. Then you can select multiple user under that specific client.

  • Send From - Account Manager email or any other contact email can be used. 

  • Subject - Enter the subject.

  • Message - Enter the message.

  • Add Signature - Save your signature and append to your emails. You can also add/change this in the edit page of your profile. This change is at the user level.

  • Click on the Schedule button.

Have questions about getting started with Scheduler? Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] 

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